What is the Feldenkrais® Method?

The Feldenkrais Method involves self exploration of your kinetic and kinesthetic experience using movement as a vehicle of self knowledge. It is a wonderful way to discover what your daily life patterns and habits are, with the intent to discover new ways to act and move in gravity in all your activities. At the same time you can establish yourself as an embodied being with a feeling of ground, and connection to life and the world around you. Two basic methods are involved. A group learning method called Awareness Through Movement ® brings you through gentle movement sequences to novel understanding of yourself as an animate alive being. Similarly our individual guided lessons called Functional Integration ®can enhance your development and growth with greater attention to your specific needs.

Who Can Benefit?

Basically anyone, who is not satisfied with their current state of development in life and desires new experiences of better patterns for living. Many people of all ages can learn through our method - so can dancers, actors, performers, musicians, athletes, etc., who need effective movement for their professions or passions requiring skill in moving. Our processes can also be helpful in solving life problems related to illness, accidents, stresses, injuries and or with pain or impaired movement.

How does it Work?

Only recently have neuroscientists realized that we all have a biological capacity to reform our brain and body through interactive learning. Moshe Feldenkrais was teaching that long before anyone had discovered the phenomenon of brain plasticity and coordination dynamics. But more ever, Feldenkrais was able to discover the pathways of such learning involving slow and delicate movement with variation. Not only does our movement improve, but also our sensitivity of ourselves and awareness of our surroundings.